2015 Annual Report

President’s Message

2015 has come and gone and our coalition can once again stand proud knowing that we have stood in defense of the best auto insurance system of the country. Without the hard work of CPAN’s members – inside the halls of the state capitol, in the courts and on the ground all across the state – it is very likely the life-saving coverage of auto no-fault would cease to exist in Michigan.

This past year, CPAN members have been able to push back against ill-conceived legislation that would have undone many of the protections afforded by Michigan’s auto no-fault laws. From grassroots trainings to help our supporters improve their advocacy skills, one-on-one meetings and committee hearings with state lawmakers, to holding town hall meetings across the state and using social media, we are doing everything in our power to get our message out.

In addition to our legislative and grassroots advocacy, CPAN members have remained active in the courts. This legal advocacy will continue into 2016, which is when the Court of Appeals is expected to rule on our Freedom of Information Act case against the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. The Court of Appeals was instructed by the Michigan Supreme Court to specifically address whether the MCCA is a “public body” as defined by state law. The outcome of the case may have impacts far beyond auto no-fault and could get to the heart of transparency laws. Looking back on the year, CPAN and its member organizations have plenty to be proud of, but our work is not over. We will continue to seek fair and balanced reform that preserves no-fault long into the future.

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